Nau mai, haere mai ki Politics in the Tron

Politics in the Tron is a movement for Hamiltonians to get involved in local politics through information sharing, encouraging participation and providing a hub for connection.

As a non-partisan network, we might not agree on all civic issues, but we do agree that we need to improve participation so that the elected council reflects our diverse community and the decisions made are in the best interests of more of us.

In 2016, Hamilton had the lowest voter turnout of all metropolitan centers in New Zealand, when it decreased from 38 to 33.8%.

“We keep hearing that people who don’t vote are lazy or apathetic, I vehemently disagree and think that civic education; sharing information about candidates and the issues and empowering people to participate in local government processes will go a long way to rejuvenating flaws in our democratic system”.  While it was once the butt of bad jokes, Hamilton has grown into a city to be proud of, so why wouldn’t we want to be part of shaping it?”.  Founder Kelli Pike.

This network is powered by Free FM89.0 and the mahi and aroha of volunteers who love our city! Get involved.

To facilitate a movement for Hamiltonians, which increases voter turnout and participation in decision making.

Everyone in our city is valued, and can contribute in some way – we’d love you to get in touch to tell us how you can help.

The easiest way to support this mahi is liking, sharing and commenting on our social media and website content.

Come along to our events and tell your friends and family.

Contribute to our blog, with ideas to fix democracy, improve our city or your opinions on current issues and candidates.

(Please note – we won’t publish any content which is defamatory or offensive.  Email [email protected] for more info).

You can make a donation to help marketing / events or for a specific project through

VOTE!  Make submissions! Build relationships with our councillors! Hold councillors to account for decisions made without us! Stand as a civic leader in our city!

We volunteer our time and skills because we love our city.  Free FM89.0 (Community access media – Waikato) kindly support some of our marketing or events costs.  If you are in a position to donate – and allow us to be even more effective – we welcome you to make the donation through the Free FM website