SIGN THE PETITION: Vote STV for Hamilton

Election day 2019 didn't mark the end of our mahi. We're stoked with the increased participation, which has helped our elected council better reflect the community it represents but we've got a long way to go. In early 2020 the Hamilton City Council will do a review of our electoral system and we want a change to STV to [...]

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The Project: Change is coming

With local government election results coming to a close, Louise Hutt for Mayor & Hamilton West 2019 is just a few votes away from Hamilton City Council. But, even if she doesn’t get in, she says change is coming. (Aired on The Project; Monday 14 October 2019)

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YWCA: #WomenCrushWednesday – Paula Southgate

Despite gaining the right to vote in 1893, it was still 26 years later in 1919 that the Women’s Parliamentary Rights Act was passed, finally allowing women to stand for election in the House of Representatives. This year there are 4 women running for their spot at Mayor, among them is Paula Southgate. We spoke with Paula about running [...]

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YWCA: #WomenCrushWednesday – Meleane Burgess

It’s amazing to see so many incredible women put their hands up and run for Hamilton City Council this year. This week we are speaking to second time runner Meleane Burgess, also known as an everyday accountant, founder of Waikato Pacific Business Network, Good Collective Board Director and a recipient for the Suffrage 125 Waikato Women - just to [...]

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YWCA: #WomenCrushWednesday – Maxine van Oosten

With our annual Suffrage Event approaching where women candidates have the chance to speak to small groups of people from their wards, we are learning more and more about the different women running in local elections. We spoke with Maxine van Oosten about her priorities for council, running as a woman and what this year’s elections bring. Tell us [...]

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Organise Aotearoa survey responses

PRESS RELEASE: Hamilton City election survey released. Organise Aotearoa have surveyed and analysed all 75 candidates standing in the Hamilton City Council and Waikato Regional Council elections. “We have a lot of candidates who are forward-thinking, and have the best interests of the people of Hamilton in mind. They are ready to start a change for Hamilton as the [...]

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