Project Description

Angela O’Leary

Angela was elected to the Hamilton City Council as a West ward councillor in 2007.

Extra roles and responsibilities

Chairperson of Regulatory & Hearings Committee

 Running as: Independent

If there was one thing you could change about Council, what is it and why is it important?
It’s hard to choose just one thing but one thing I WILL change if elected as Mayor is the way we engage with the people we represent. Council is a big business and residents have told me they feel disengaged. I have a number of ideas to improve things to make it easier for residents to have their say. As Mayor I will ensure Council listens first, and then acts.

What were your priorities for the current term? What achievements are you proud of and why?

My priority this term was to speak up for the residents and ratepayers of Hamilton. It is public knowledge that what I see is right for the city, is in stark contrast with the current Mayor. I put up strong arguments and successfully defeated a number of large unnecessary spending proposals like $4m on Garden Place. I led arguments that reinstated a priority to build playgrounds, led the new Central City Safety Strategy, got the plans for Hamilton Zoo back on track, fought to keep an incentive so new development in the CBD could continue, supported Rototuna Town Centre and was the Founder and creator of Waikato125 that celebrated 125 Waikato women to mark 125 years of New Zealand suffrage.

Have there been Council decisions in this term that you were particularly disappointed in and why?

The budget and the resulting 9.7% rates increase to Hamilton residents. Budgets are about priorities and there are many things that made it into the budget, that the public said they didn’t want. Elected members aren’t there to make decisions FOR others, they are there to REPRESENT. How can you claim to represent when the public say Council doesn’t listen.

If re-elected, what are your priorities?
I am tired of all the dodgy deals being done under the current Mayor’s leadership and have the courage and integrity to get Council and Hamilton back on track. My priorities are clear. Fair Rates, Honest Leadership, Positive Progress and Pride in our City. Fair rates – My policy for rates is simple. I will align future rates to the Cost of Living to give surety to ratepayers. How? Budgets are simply about priorities and through a proper plan of prioritisation on the things that matter to Hamiltonians, I will run Hamilton city fairly with a progressive eye to our future. Honest Leadership – You can trust me to be fair and honest in all my dealings with business, Council and with you. Leadership starts with remembering, that Council works for you. Positive Progress – I support progress for all, not just growth for a few. I’ll work with business, community, and to enhance our visitor economy. Pride in our City – It’s time you had a Mayor you can be proud of. I will champion city in Chambers, in the community, and to the world. I don’t sit on the fence and will always put you and our city before all else.

Candidate responses have been published verbatim from a Politics in the Tron survey sent to all incumbent councillors and the Mayor.