Project Description

Dave Macpherson

Dave was elected to Hamilton City Council as a West ward councillor in 1998.

Extra roles and responsibilities

Chair of Growth & Infrastructure Committee.  Hamilton CC rep on Waikato Regional Transport Cttee.  Waikato Regional Passenger Transport Cttee.  Future Proof Growth Group.

If there was one thing you could change about Council, what is it and why is it important?
The bureaucracy moves too slowly to effect meaningful change within the lifetime of issues.

What were your priorities for the current term? What achievements are you proud of and why?
Priorities: alternatives to car transport; controlled and managed growth. Proud of the work on the Hamilton-Akl train, the free buses for disabled & youth, the proportion of growth in the Tron being 55% infill (i.e. the only city in NZ growing more up than out); the support for a Community Lands Trust, the major road safety improvement at the Gordonton/Thomas Rds intersection; getting the Living Wage for Council employees & contractors through Council; converting/educating the Mayor about progressive issues.

Have there been Council decisions in this term that you were particularly disappointed in and why?
Not many this term – last term the worst was the decision to sell all pensioner housing.

If re-elected, what are your priorities?
Continue the transport alternatives work; continue the growth management work, continue supporting community-led initiatives.


Candidate responses have been published verbatim from a Politics in the Tron survey sent to all incumbent councillors and the Mayor.