Project Description

Ewan has served previously with the Hamilton City Council.

Why you? 

I want to be part of the team that gets the balance right between the city having the appropriate infrastructure, facilities and growth strategy and ensuring the City is affordable to live in for its citizens. 
I have 30 years in business, 12 years as a councillor and have just returned from  overseas refreshed and invigorated after studying and living in the UK, Canada and the Philippines. I complete the Cambridge University’s General Management programme and a mini MBA integrated Management Thinking at McGill University. I have also just finished volunteering as a business development specialist in the Philippines on a Canadian and EU  Government  funded development project.

My wife and I are proud to have lived and raised our family in Hamilton.
I launched Kiwi International Airlines, which helped put Hamilton on the international map and felt I could bring a unique set of skills back to the council table.

What has the current council (2016-19) done well?

The current Council has done well in engaging with central government and as a result, has secured considerable funds including $180 million for the much needed Peacocke development and welcome funding of 79.8 million  for the Hamilton to Auckland Train service.

The council has done a good job of promoting and engaging with people around public transport. 18 and under traveling free on the bus on weekends and proving free bus transport for those with disabilities

What has the current council done that you weren’t happy with?

I would not have supported the 9.7 rate rise.

I would have worked on new funding models for growth like Special Purpose Vehicles

I would have moved to STV to achieve better proportional representation.

I would have been more proactive over issues of climate change and councils role in high lighting the dangers of inaction  

If elected, what are your priorities?

Is to get the balance right between rates & our infrastructure, facilities spend and growth strategy

Enabling economic development including the growth corridor to AKL & leveraging smart city status

Implement best practice kerbside recycling and improve the use of public transport