Project Description

Martin Gallagher

Martin was elected to the Hamilton City Council as a West ward councillor in 2010.

He previously served as a Hamilton West councillor from 1985 – 1994.

Extra roles and responsibilities: 

Deputy Mayor

Running as: Independent

If there was one thing you could change about Council, what is it and why is it important?
Better demographic balance of councillors, age, gender and ethnicity.

What were your priorities for the current term? What achievements are you proud of and why?
I strongly believe in promoting liveable cities, safer roads, improving public transport and community facilities. I am proud of our ongoing development of green space facilities eg development of Waiwhakareke, playgrounds, Hamilton Gardens. I also believe the proposed new library and community centre at Rototuna will be a great addition to our city. I actively encourage council to support our developing arts community, for example theatres. Our contribution to recreation and sport facilities such as The Peak has been a significant achievement during this term.

Have there been Council decisions in this term that you were particularly disappointed in and why?
Not that I can recall at this point.

If re-elected, what are your priorities?
Mentoring and supporting new councillors to promote inter generational change. Ongoing work to continue to develop Hamilton as a liveable and sustainable city. Challenges to the environment such as climate change, waste minimisation and sustainable transport require us to show leadership and cooperation with other agencies and central government. There are significant and difficult challenges ahead. I am a strong supporter of the Hamilton to Auckland passenger rail service. Our housing crisis in NZ is a key concern. We must provide a range of affordable housing options in Hamilton, which means working with other organisations to assist with this complex and difficult issue. Historic decision of council (which I opposed), to sell our pensioner housing stock was a tragic mistake. The central city transformation/river plan, proposed new theatre, accessible sport and recreation opportunities as well as the Peacocks development will be key issues in the forthcoming term. I also acknowledge that funding of local government is in serious need of overhaul. Central government must look at new ways to help fund local infrastructure. Property rates must be affordable and rates and rent relief needs to be given to lower income households.

Candidate responses have been published verbatim from a Politics in the Tron survey sent to all incumbent councillors and the Mayor.