Project Description

Rob Pascoe

Rob was elected to the Hamilton City Council as an East ward councillor in 2013.

Extra roles and responsibilities 

Chair of the financial strategy task force.  Deputy chair of finance committee.  City international sports ambassador.   Chair of CEO review committee.  Member of audit and risk committee.  Member of river plan taskforce.

Running as: Independent

If there was one thing you could change about Council, what is it and why is it important?
Improve diversity on council so it best reflects our community. Diversity is one step towards having a group of councillors who will listen, and best set strategies that will deliver better outcomes for Hamilton residents.

What were your priorities for the current term? What achievements are you proud of and why?
1.Improving financial accountability, 2. wise spending of rates income, 3. constant questioning of management to ensure ultimately decisions are based on fully researched projects supported by evidence and a relevant business case. There have been only a few proud achievements in this term. One that springs to mind has been the Maori reconnection with council, in having Maori appointees on major council committees. Not only has this added and improved council diversity, the quality of appointees has been outstanding leading to more informed questioning and discussions in formulating committee decisions and where appropriate recommendations to Council.

Have there been Council decisions in this term that you were particularly disappointed in and why?
Yes, unfortunately many. The disappointing part of this term has been the numerous (and often important) decisions approved by either the chair’s casting vote or by a slim majority of council. During this term there have been some major spends, some hasten and at times poorly researched projects that have not had significant support from Council. Good leadership would have deferred such decisions at that time to allow for more consultation and additional time for management to bring a more detailed report back for consideration. Some poor decisions include 1. Failure to reinstate and then the loss of Hamilton Properties Limited to provide best value and efficiency for city residents in the acquisition of strategic property for the city. 2. Purchase of central city properties in promotion of a city park not supported by the many residents when consulted in the LTP, nor by a vote of the majority of councillors. This purchase involved paying more that 50% above the properties current market value.

If re-elected, what are your priorities?
1. To improve the way Council consults with its community, 2. to find a sensible and sustainable programme for council to deliver the four well beings introduced to the Local Government Act in May 2019, bearing in mind cost and its potential financial effect on ratepayers. 3. Given the high levels of borrowings forecast for the next 3-4 years to ensure council is nimble and able to respond quickly to any market changes. 4. Much, much more care on “spare of the moment” spending on “want to have “ projects when “need to have “ projects take a back seat.

Candidate responses have been published verbatim from a Politics in the Tron survey sent to all incumbent councillors and the Mayor.