Project Description

Ryan Hamilton

Ryan was elected to the Hamilton City Council as an East ward councillor in the 2018 by-election.

Extra roles & responsibilities

Deputy Chair of the Community, Service and Environment committee.  River Plan taskforce.

If there was one thing you could change about Council, what is it and why is it important?
We are a work in progress but I never seen council work as hard as they are now to better engage with our communities.

What were your priorities for the current term? What achievements are you proud of and why?
Improving lighting in Garden Place and Civic Square – Driving a 10YP resolution for a new shared entry precinct for the Hamilton Zoo and Waiwhakareke Natural Heritage Park and plan for the development of a new ‘lemur walkthrough’ exhibit at the Hamilton Zoo which should be come cost neutral or positive in the medium to long term. This will increase tourism and economy to our city and assist with overnight stays. – Supporting the development of a Community Lands Trust in collaboration with other agencies to assist home ownership – Advocating for a comprehensive CBD and river plan being scoped which can inform our strategy over the next 30 years and highlight our greatest natural asset. – Involved in reinstating and improving Business partnerships and collaborations with HCC to raise monetary and in kind support for our key projects and developments (lots more to do here) – Working with neigbouring councils and central government on getting our train programme pilot up and running – Advocating for the Loop Car share Pilot programme to aid in more efficient travel and ease congestion – Free parking in CBD Supporting the 94 million dollar savings target of our CEO – NZ Largest mural to be installed on Anglesea Street wall at no cost to ratepayers – Working towards safer speeds in hot spots around our city and rural boundaries – Free bus fare for disabled and under 18’s on weekend and public holidays – Improving and simplifying some aspects of our complex District Plan – Supporting Regional Theatre development – Unlocking Peacocke through the Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF) and the huge savings that gives council through interest savings and NZTA subsidies – Supporting Hamilton Gardens 25 Million dollar improvements and working towards creating a robust governance model for raising 15 million dollars Why am I proud of above? Im a doer and pleased that I have been able to contribute what I think is quite a bit in a short amount of time (18 months).

Have there been Council decisions in this term that you were particularly disappointed in and why?
Council not supporting true sinking lid on pokies.

If re-elected, what are your priorities?
I would like to continue with the progress outlined but even more progress in our partnership and collaborations programme and explore the use of Central Governments Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV’s) and Infrastructure Funding and Financing (IFF) model to help unlock our at capacity balance sheet to support growth and housing affordability options within our city and beyond our boundaries.

Candidate responses have been published verbatim from a Politics in the Tron survey sent to all incumbent councillors and the Mayor.