Project Description

Sarah Thomson

If elected this will be Sarah’s first term on Hamilton City Council.

Running as: Independent

Why you?

A lawyer, born and bred in Hamilton, I bring valuable experience in both commercial and community law. I am passionate about community well-being and the environment, and am driven to make a real difference. Transport, affordable housing, community and the environment are all big priorities.

With an open mind and collaborative approach, I will promote cohesiveness and effective decision making on council, along with meaningful engagement with the wider community. I also recognise the importance of working together with our regional partners for the well-being and prosperity of our city and the greater region. 

What has the current council (2016-19) done well?

Making public transport more accessible for disabled persons and under 18 year olds;

Introducing food waste collection;

Providing a grant to help establish a Community Land Trust. 

What has the current council done that you weren’t happy with?

Adequately plan for sustainable, affordable growth. We should be aiming for a compact and connected city. However, much of the new greenfields development is low density and won’t be well connected to public transport infrastructure;

Take a proactive enough role in increasing the supply of affordable housing. For example, I was disappointed to learn that the new Peacockes growth cell is unlikely to increase affordability, with houses expected to be in the $1 million-plus range;

Take climate change seriously.

If elected, what are your priorities?

Better transport choices. Invest in safe, connected walking and biking networks, and efficient public transport.

Affordable housing, smarter growth. Ensure growth is financially and environmentally sustainable, and develop an Affordable Housing Plan for Hamilton.

Community wellbeing. Bring communities together and improve well-being through enhancing access to green space, playgrounds and community facilities, supporting the arts and public events, and providing funding for community groups that care for our most vulnerable.  

Healthy environment. Transition to a low carbon city, increase tree cover and continue to clean up our waterways.