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For the sake of local democracy…

Democracy seems to be in danger in much of the world. Is it because so many feel their votes [...]

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STV – An opportunity for diversity

If you've ever been saddened by the fact that almost none of your chosen candidates made it onto the [...]

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Why Hamilton needs a more sustainable events funding model

For anyone who follows local politics on Twitter, you may have seen the discussion regarding Boon Street Art Festival [...]

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Affordable housing – the ultimate oxymoron

Hamilton housing third-most unaffordable in the country, says new report  Well no surprises there! So how come the other [...]

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3 promises

Benedict Cumberbatch said “There's so much in the 21st century that is stymied by bureaucracy and mediocrity and committee.” [...]

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All aboard!

It took me fifteen minutes to get to work.  And the cost of parking! I was complaining like crazy [...]

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A lone voice on Council?

After election, watch and listen initially to see where others stand. Chats over coffee with other councillors can help [...]

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Water Water everywhere

Sometime around 1800 a (now) famous poet penned the phrase“Water, water everywhere, / Nor any drop to drink.” and for a [...]

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Hamilton’s CBD not bold enough

Sundial in Garden Place, 1979. Hamilton City Libraries. HCL_M00437.15 A recent headline in the Waikato Times "Hamilton's [...]

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Learning on Council

If you are a fan of lifelong learning you are likely to be interested in the current councillors` answers [...]

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