North-South Hamilton electorate split rejected, for now…

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Turning Hamilton’s general electorates around to a north-south orientation to reflect the city’s actual demographic nature has been rejected for the 2020 and 2023 General Elections, but the Representation Commission is on notice that I will be pushing for the idea again when they reconvene in four years’ time. For the story prior to this [...]

HCC: Preliminary election results

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Shared from  The make-up of Hamilton City Council’s elected members for the next three years is one step closer to being finalised. Preliminary results released today (Sunday 13 October) reaffirm Paula Southgate as Hamilton’s new Mayor Elect. The preliminary results, which add votes cast on Election Day to yesterday’s progress results, show no change [...]

Organise Aotearoa survey responses

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PRESS RELEASE: Hamilton City election survey released. Organise Aotearoa have surveyed and analysed all 75 candidates standing in the Hamilton City Council and Waikato Regional Council elections. “We have a lot of candidates who are forward-thinking, and have the best interests of the people of Hamilton in mind. They are ready to start a change [...]