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The make-up of Hamilton City Council’s elected members for the next three years is one step closer to being finalised.

Preliminary results released today (Sunday 13 October) reaffirm Paula Southgate as Hamilton’s new Mayor Elect.

The preliminary results, which add votes cast on Election Day to yesterday’s progress results, show no change to the provisionally elected councillors:

East Ward
Mark Bunting
Kesh Naidoo-Rauf
Maxine van Oosten
Margaret Forsyth
Ryan Hamilton
Rob Pascoe

West Ward
Angela O’Leary
Martin Gallagher
Geoff Taylor
Sarah Thomson
Dave Macpherson
Ewan Wilson

With special votes still to be counted, Hamilton’s vote count is at 38.78% – the highest since 2004.

Final results (preliminary results + all special votes) will be announced on Thursday 17 October.