PRESS RELEASE: Hamilton City election survey released.

Organise Aotearoa have surveyed and analysed all 75 candidates standing in the Hamilton City Council and Waikato Regional Council elections.

“We have a lot of candidates who are forward-thinking, and have the best interests of the people of Hamilton in mind. They are ready to start a change for Hamilton as the city grows. We want to see at the end of the day a change,” said Organise Aotearoa spokesperson Elijah Dawson.

“We are done with supporting candidates who are racist, antiscience, and do not have the city’s best interest in mind. Issues regarding homelessness, housing, and the living wage need to be treated with the utmost of empathy.”

“Hamilton is at the end of the day a fast growing city, filled with strong passionate people who need to be represented by those who can keep up with the times.”

The survey results are online here :