If you’ve ever been saddened by the fact that almost none of your chosen candidates made it onto the council, you should support the introduction of STV rather than the current First Past the Post (FPP) system for our local body elections.

Contrary to many people’s opinions, it isn’t complicated for the voter. The counting process is a little more complex than for FPP, but that’s done by electoral officials and a computer system. All you have to do is rank the candidates in order of your preference. You don’t have to rank all of them! If you only like one person out of the whole lot, you just put ‘1’ against their name and ignore the rest. You can also rank the maximum number allowed, or any number in between.
The redistribution of votes once the threshold has been reached for the candidates who are most popular allows much more opportunity for diversity in council, and in particular gives new candidates a much better chance of being elected.
STV isn’t new or scary – it’s already in use in a growing number of local body elections in other New Zealand towns and cities, and it works.
Support STV for HCC elections.